Business Plan

A document that describes the entrepreneur's idea, the market problem, proposed solution, business and revenue models, marketing strategy, technology, company profile, competitive landscape, as well as financial data for coming years. The business plan opens with a brief executive summary.

Some key areas include:

  • Executive Summary
    The executive summary is a snapshot of a business plan as a whole and touches on a company profile and goals.

  • Market Analysis
    Market analysis determines the attractiveness of a market, both currently and in the future. Organizations evaluate a future market by gaining an understanding of evolving opportunities and threats by studying, among other areas, market size (current and future), market trend, market growth rate, and market profitability as they relate to that organization's own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Company Description
    This section answers the questions: What do you do? What differentiates your business? Which markets do you serve?

  • Organization & Management
    A description of an organization and its management structure

  • Marketing & Sales
    This section covers the marketing and sales strategy.

  • Financial Projections
    If a company needs funding, providing financial projections to back up your request is critical.